KD Support

We aim to help people identify the syndrome before the critical phase of heart damage 11-13 days of the onset and aid recovery with treatment that prevents cardiac arrest in young life. Misdiagnosis and late diagnosis of KD continues due to misleading symptoms and lack of GP/medical knowledge.

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Support Groups

UK Support Group: www.kssg.org.uk
Helpline Email: helpline@kssg.org.uk
National Help Line: 02476 612178

Latest Research

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More from ADC

  • Technology and Tools We saw this and hope more doctors will make use of technology and tools like VisualDx so fewer cases of KD go misdiagnosed. This shows how difficult it can be for doctors to diagnose. “It’s one of those conditions where, if you’re not thinking of it, you’ll miss it. Doctors will say, ‘It’s a virus. It’ll pass’, but it’s one of the few conditions where kids can die of a major heart attack”.

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Our work helps to sustain our awareness strategies that aim to prevent complications in adult life. We also aim to gain sponsors and build resources for research in the near future. Many children are still being misdiagnosed and suffer due to lack of medical knowledge. Together we can save more hearts!