"Being part of this fashion fundraiser was a great experience for me. I got to challenge myself as a make up artist, learned how to work fast and under pressure and also had a great opportunity to meet new people and make connections in the industry. The event generated a lot of work material which will help me promote my work and will definitely help me further my career. It was an enjoyable day for a great cause and I hope to be part of the next event."

Alexandra Sas, Make-up

“I was involved for the first time at the Kawasaki Fund Fashion Fundraiser. I was delighted and honoured to be part of this event as it gave me the opportunity to enhance and add more diverse material to my portfolio as well as gain a better understanding of how a fashion shoot works. 
I believe that the only way to grow as a filmmaker is to always step out of your comfort zone and face new challenges whenever possible. The Kawasaki Fund event did exactly that. It enabled me to apply new techniques and experiment with different styles of shooting to what I’m normally used to, having mostly experience in film. 
I met many great and motivated individuals from different backgrounds and professions which created a great networking opportunity for me and others like me. I definitely hope to be involved again in the next event and recommend it to anyone who wants to grow and expand their network.”

Fran Gallo, Videography

“I was incredibly pleased to be part of the modelling team experimenting with new looks. The event gave me the opportunity to taste and discover the fashion and modelling industry that was before unknown to me. I met amazing and passionate people, from the photographers, videographers, models and the organizers of the event, Nadia Bolton and Dee Izmail. Working with the models made me realize the challenges of modelling. The photographers were fantastic at making us feel confident. I believe that using fashion to create awareness for the Kawasaki Disease is an excellent opportunity for people to connect with each other, enrich their portfolios, and participate together for a great cause! I really hope to be involved in the next event and definitely encourage people to come along!”

Beatrice Gallo, Model

 “It was nice to be there; having a heart condition of my own from birth is hard and can be scary especially for children who don't understand or know what is happening to them and their bodies. I know I didn't when I was a child and I suffered from my heart. To see so many trying to support you and your cause was moving and I hope it grows and a great mix of people can get more involved and grow with the charity and workshop day also. I used to think no one knew about or cared about heart conditions and how it can affect people physically and mentally throughout life and so it was nice to be invited to a charity event/ workshop day that helped others to understand what children and parents go through when it comes to a heart condition. So a big Thank you for making the charity workshop so fun and enjoyable and for acknowledging the person who has suffered from heart condition all their life. I'm sure the Kawasaki charity workshop day/event will grow and eventually support children and adults of all shapes, sizes, skin colours and genders who have suffered from heart conditions or still suffering but until then I wish you all the best.”

Leigh Hutchinson

“I would like to thank Dee and Nadia for the tremendous job they do! By organising fashion workshops, they are not only providing young creatives with resources to express themselves but generating awareness and raising funds towards a research of a rare heart disease. It was a pleasure to be a part of one not long ago. I was impressed by the number of talented models, designers, photographers, videographers and make-up artists involved. The venue location was easy to commute to and organisers were friendly and professional at all times. I was thrilled to model for well-known and established fashion houses like Dee Izmail and Religion UK. The results came out absolutely terrific! And to my total surprise, one of the images was selected for Kawasaki Fund 2016 Calendar! Overall I was more than happy to be a part of the workshop and will participate in upcoming ones without hesitation.”

Tamara Rezvova, Model

“The Kawasaki Fund has helped me to build a great portfolio. As a model, it is important to have a range of pictures taken by different photographers. By working together with different photographers a model is learning how to present herself. It’s important for the agencies to see that a model is experienced. It helps to get better castings and jobs easier. After the workshops, I also felt more confident working on jobs and the results were much better than before. I thank the Kawasaki Fund very much for the great support of my career. I have also improved the organisation so much and it is always fun to work with the whole team.”

Natalia Bobrich, Model, Actress

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Our work helps to sustain our awareness strategies that aim to prevent complications in adult life. We also aim to gain sponsors and build resources for research in the near future. Many children are still being misdiagnosed and suffer due to lack of medical knowledge. Together we can save more hearts!